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May Day Pay Day
$50K Slot Tournament
Friday, May 27, 2016

You're headed straight for a colossal payday of $50,000 in FREEPLAY®.
Dive deep into a sea of adventure and find out if you'll surface with a wealth of treasure.

Friday, May 27 | 2pm - 8pm
Casino Floor
Smoke-Free Area

Tournament Play:
Begins at 4pm

Earn 300 Slot Points on the day of the tournament then register to play.

1st Place: $5,000 FREEPLAY®
2nd Place: $4,000 FREEPLAY®
3rd - 5th Place: $2,000 FREEPLAY®
6th - 10th Place: $1,000 FREEPLAY®
11th - 20th Place: $750 FREEPLAY®
21st - 40th Place: $500 FREEPLAY®
41st - 60th Place: $300 FREEPLAY®
61st - 80th Place: $200 FREEPLAY®
81st - 100th Place: $150 FREEPLAY®

See M life desk for details.


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